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Our mission

is to bring the love and flavour from our family kitchen to meals and homes across Australia and the world.

Enjoy a drizzle or scoop of our chilli oil on all your favourite dishes, or even eat it by the spoonful.

Love, the Chilli & Spice Fam xx

Our chilli oil is

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What our customers think of our Chilli Oil

This honestly tastes INCREDIBLE. We received it in the mail last Friday and since have eaten it on every single meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It's now Wednesday, and we're half way through the container - about to buy 2 more.

This is honestly the best chilli oil ever! Incredible.

Natalie P.

This is a delicious savoury chilli oil and goes well with any dish. I particularly like the garlic in this oil, which makes it different to any other chilli oils I have tried.

H Lau

The perfect condiment, with the perfect amount of spice and chilli...a must with EVERY dish!

Alisa Nyugen

As a friend of the Chilli & Spice fam, I've been lucky enough to have eaten Jen's chilli oil for years. In my opinion, it's the perfect combo of flavour and spice - adding just enough of a kick without being too overpowering for meals that already have a heap of flavour.

Sam F

I first tried Chilli & spice co. chilli oil from my Colleague at work and fell in love with it. It has a good level of flavour and a great chilli kick which makes it the perfect accompaniment to liven up any lunch time office meal, from pasta, pizza, or even just plain rice and tuna!

Victoria Bonnici